Thursday, October 18, 2012

Titan XC Update - Oct 18, 2012

    The Utah State Cross Country Championships are always an incredible show.  1000's of parents, supporters and fans flock the course creating something that looks like a moving mosh pit.  Over 1000 athletes toe the starting line, ready to show that their sacrifices and commitments have not gone for naught.  By the end of the day, most can exit the stadium feeling very good about what they have accomplished.  The 14 Titans who competed, as well as the rest of the TEAM who supported, should have left the stadium satisfied that the months of commitment, training and sacrifice have been worthwhile.  Some may have fallen a little short of some lofty goals, but for the goal of giving a 100% effort, the Titans were 14 for 14.  You can’t improve on that.
    Going into the meet, we realistically hoped for a couple top-10 finishes.  The Lady Titans got things going in grand fashion with a 7th-place finish.  The race got off to an extremely fast start and the Lady Titans were probably a little further back than ideal.  However, they steadily moved up throughout the race and finished strong.  Sharlie Dimick and Bella Williams ran together throughout the race- in fact probably could have just given them one uniform- and finished in the 24th and 25th spots.  They were both timed in 19:43 over the 3.0 mile course.  Those are the #5 and #6 times run by a Lady Titan at State.  Erin Kibler passed several runners over the last 300 meters to finish 42nd in 20:55, achieving her goal of running a sub-21-minute race.  The scene at the finish was a memorable one.  Mallory Ashby had a great race to finish 64th in 21:44.  Adriana McFarland and Maddy Neyts stayed together and ran tough for the entire race finishing 76th and 77th in 22:14 and 22:15.  And in a performance that brought a tear to the eye of the old coach (though he won’t acknowledge it- that’s why he wears sunglasses), Katelyn Davidson ran great to finish 86th in 22:42. 
    The Boys race also got off to a fast start and the Titans again had some ground to make up.  They all ran the 2nd-mile tough and got into the position to “race” with a mile to go.  As has been the case all year, Landon Greenhalgh finished #1 for us in 19th place.  That will make him Third-Team All-State.  His time of 16:19 was the #3 mark run by a Titan on the state course.  Not a bad way to end an XC career for someone who came into the school thinking they were a sprinter.  Parker Greenhalgh and Cody Kelley finished next in 58th and 59th, running 17:27 and 17:28.  The run by Parker was incredible considering the problems he had at region.  Just finishing on his feet would have been good- finishing as our #2 man was great.  And Cody’s performance showed what hard work and 2000 miles in a year can do.  Carson Andreason passed several over the last mile to finish 61st in 17:29, just behind Parker and Cody.  Tom Hill, our only 4-year veteran, completed a great cross country career placing 69th in 17:39.  At the start of the summer, I’m sure that Tom’s goals were not to finish as our #5 runner at State.  Injuries hampered his efforts to reach some more lofty individual goals.  However, his hard work and leadership helped the TEAM achieve a higher level of success that would have been possible without his efforts.  Ryan Andreason (98th, 18:40) and Nate Seffker (99th, 18:43) ran strong races in their first State efforts to round out the scoring. 
    Cross Country is an incredible sport.  It enables every participant the opportunity to reach a level of success as measured by their own standards.  By any standards, Wednesday was a great day for the Titans.  Coaches, athletes, parents and supporters should feel proud of the efforts over the last several months.  There is good news in that we return nine of the 14 athletes who competed at State.  The bad news is that we lose five great seniors who ran at State and five other seniors that were a big part of our success.
    Complete results of all State Championship races can be found at: 

    Not really Athletes of the Week in the race performance sense, but in perseverance.  Lindsey Bailey, Sam Segura, Rachel Markham, Kayla Berryman and Aubrie Jacobsen have been amazing in continuing to show up everyday, support the TEAM, and cross train even though they have been injured and unable to compete for most of the season.  They have made a difference!

    DON’T STOP NOW!!  Coach Wilcox is putting together a run/breakfast on Antelope Island Saturday.  Meet at the Bridger Bay campground at 8:30 am or at the entry gate to the causeway a little after 8:00 to car pool and save some gas and money.  If you are going, check with Coach Wilcox to see what you can bring to help out with the breakfast.

    Monday was another fun evening with the Neyt’s hosting our pre-state dinner.  The food was great and the video (thanks, Stacy) was outstanding. 

    We will meet Tuesday, October 23rd after school to watch State videos and turn in uniforms.  We will, of course, follow that with a run.  If EVERYONE on the TEAM turns in their uniform at that time, I will foot the bill for all athletes’ banquet cost. 

    We are looking at November 13th, 14th, or 15th for our banquet.  Let me know ASAP of any major conflicts that would necessitate us picking one date over the others.  The banquet will be for all athletes and their parents. 

    Everyone should continue to work out even though the season is over.  Everyone going to Foot Locker MUST continue to train.  We will meet in the hallway between the gyms and take off from there.  No more long speeches from the old.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Titan XC Update - Oct 14, 2012

    One of the main goals for the 2012 Cross Country season was to get both Boys and Girls TEAMS qualified for State.  After 1000's of miles, hundreds sacrifices, and hard work from many committed Titans, that goal was met.  Now it’s on to the State Championships to put some “icing on the cake”.  Saturday’s workout was a good way to cap off 4 ½ months of training: a moderate hill workout on the trails.  The colorful fall leaves, perfect temperature and a mist in the air was as perfect as it gets.  Wednesday should be the same.

    Near perfect running weather helped make 3-mile PR’s very abundant Wednesday at Layton Commons Park.  Of course it also helped that most Titans had put in a great deal of hard work over the last 11 months. 
    In the Girls JV race, Madison Wilcox, running her first race of the year, paced the Lady Titans to a 2nd-place finish.  Her time of 22:02 was good enough to place 8th among scoring finishers.  Close behind, running big PR’s, were Jessica Howes (10th, 22:44) and Lauren Busby (11th, 22:56).  Becca Jacobsen (12th, 23:26) and Katelyn Egbert (16th, 24:15) also ran very well to pace the 2nd place finish.  It was great to see Rachel Markham and Aubrie Jacobsen run a race after spending several weeks cross-training due to injuries.
    In the Boys JV race, Jared Seffker was the top Titan finisher as he ran 19:01 to place 20th among the scoring athletes.  Brandon Read (23rd, 19:10), Tanner Robb (24th, 19:10), Jared Godfrey (25th, 19:22), and Austin Egbert (27th, 19:53) also ran strong races to pace the Titans to a 4th-place finish. 
    Great performances from all of the Lady Titans resulted in a 2nd-place finish behind nationally ranked Davis.  Bella Williams continued her great running as she finished 11th running 19:15.  That is the #2 mark ever run by a Lady Titan on the Region course.  It was one-second faster than her sister, Hannah.  Sharlie Dimick also ran tough placing 12th in 19:30.  Her time was the #5 mark ever run by a Lady Titan.  She also has the #1 mark from her 2010 performance.  Erin Kibler ran a steady race to place 16th in 20:49.  Mallory Ashby continued her late-season charge with a huge PR of 21:10 to finish 19th.   The tight “pack” of Katrina Dunlap (21:36), Adriana McFarland (21:37) and Maddy Neyts (21:39) finished in the 22-24 spots to nail down the four-point margin over Weber for the second place TEAM finish.  Katelyn Davidson ran a very good race as a non-scoring athlete finishing in 22:27.  A 4th-place finish and a trip to state would have been nice.  A 2nd-place finish was much better!!
    The Boys Varsity had a lot more drama than the Girls race.  Going into the meet, it was pretty much a “given” that Davis and Weber would occupy the top two places.  The “real” race would be for the final two spots.  At the about the half-way point, the Titans were a distant 5th place.  Our normal #2 runner, Parker Greenhalgh, was struggling near the back.  “The lights were on, but nobody was home”.  The last half of the race was incredible as the Titans kept moving up, and somehow, Parker staggered to the line as our #5 runner.  The Titans had finished 3rd, eight points in front of Fremont and nine ahead of Northridge.  Landon Greenhalgh ran his best race of the year to place 6th in 16:01.  That is the fastest time ever run by a Titan on the Region course.  Tom Hill and Cody Kelley moved up nicely over the last mile to place 17th and 18th in 17:06 and 17:08.  Carsen Andreason’s 17:26 was good enough to place 22nd.  Parker stayed on his feet long enough to finish 32nd in 17:58.  Ryan Andreason (33rd, 17:59) and Nathan Seffker (36th, 18:25) ran well to help the Titans advance to State.
    Following the race, there were some anxious moments as Parker looked like he was ready to be used as a cadaver for Mr. Anderson’s Medical Anatomy class.  Medical evaluations are continuing.  He’s OK, but may not be available for duty as a runner at State.  If he can’t run, we’ll have him stand and flex along side Davis’ statue and kick his butt in a “pose down”. 
    Great job by everyone at the meet, not just as competitors.  Thanks to everyone who supported, helped out, and made the Region Championships successful.
    Complete results can be found at:

    Selected as the Athletes of the Week were Sharlie Dimick, Lauren Busby, Jaycie Smith, Jared Godfrey Ryan Andreason, and Nate Seffker.  Sharlie is turning in her best races at just the right time.  Ryan and Nate have been running tough races as our #6 and #7 finishers.  Lauren, Jaycie and Jared have been solid for us all year in workouts as well as the meets.

    Thanks to the Davidson’s and Neyt’s for allowing us to invade your homes for our pre-region and pre-state TEAM dinners. 

    You will be excused at 11:15 for State with the bus leaving at 11:30.  The race schedule will be as follows:
2:00 - Girls 5A
3:30 - Boys 5A
4:15 - Awards in Stadium

    Reminder of the due date for the Foot Locker Waiver and $100 deposit: Tuesday, October 16th.  After that date I will open up all remaining seats to Fremont and Weber athletes. 

    I’ve attached information about a race being held October 27th at Jensen Park.  It’s to help raise money for a girl waiting for a bone marrow transplant.  Might be a good way to get in a race preparing for Foot Locker.
    Jake Rossmango had a great race and finished as TCU’s #2 runner at the Chile Pepper Festival in Arkansas.  His time was 33:33 for the 10k course.  Hannah Williams was USU’s #4 runner at the Pre-National race held in Louisville, KY.  She ran 22:29 over the 6k course.  Jared Ward (we’re still claiming him) was BYU’s #1 runner at the Wisconsin Invitational.  The meet featured most of the top runners in the nation.  He finished 8th overall running 23:22 for 8k.  Six of the seven finishing ahead of him were foreigners. 

Oct 16 - Foot Locker Deposit and Waiver Due
Oct 17 - State Championships @ Sugarhouse Park - 2:00/3:30 pm


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Titan XC Update - Oct 7, 2012

    For those who were in attendance at our first meeting in May, I’m sure you felt like the Region Cross Country Championship was a long ways off.  Well, it’s here now.  For many of you, the focus of your training has been directed towards the race this Wednesday.  And for some, that focus may have started after last year’s Region or State Cross Country meets.  There is reason to have a great deal of confidence as we make our final preparations.  As a TEAM (there are, of course, some exceptions) we are as healthy as we have been all year.  Our last two Saturday workouts have been the best of the year.  AND, our last two meets have also been our best overall performances- SO FAR!!  Now, let’s keep these trends going for two more weeks.

    All of the Region One schools met at Barnes Park and ran at full strength.  In both Boys and Girls, Davis won and was followed by Weber, then the Titans.  There were some very good performances over the 3.0 mile course.
    Bella Williams led the Girls as she ran her best race of the year finishing 10th in 19:47.  Sharlie Dimick was right behind running 20:05 to place 12th.  Erin Kibler was14th in 20:45.  Mallory Ashby (17th, 21:36) and Adriana McFarland (18th, 21:42) had their best races of the year to round out our top five.  Katrina Dunlap (21st, 21:56) and Maddy Neyts (25th, 22:03) ran very well and finished ahead of Weber’s 6th and 7th runners.  This type of finish could be big at Region.
    Landon Greenhalgh ran a controlled race to place 7th overall running 16:22.  Parker Greenhalgh was next finishing 13th in 17:03.  Carsen Andreason ran his best race of the year finishing strong over the last mile to place 20th in 17:19.  He was just ahead of Cody Kelley (21st, 17:20) and Tom Hill (21st, 17:21).  Ryan Andreason (32nd, 18:20) and Nate Seffker (36th, 18:25) rounded out the top seven.  In the JV race, Tyler (“killer”) Fessler ran very tough to place 10th in 18:38.  
    Complete results can be found at:
    Again, our splits were pretty good, but we still need to tighten things up between #1 and #7 Wednesday to ensure that we make it to State.

    As the season winds down, it is obvious that we have had more than our share of injuries.  Some have been able to overcome their injuries and get back into competition.  A few others have not been able to recover in time to compete and help the TEAM.  Thanks to those athletes who have done everything possible to get back, even though they may not have healed in time to compete.  Each of you has been part of our success, inspiring others with your determination.  THANKS!!

    Selected as the Athletes of the Week were Jessica Howes, Adriana McFarland, Tyler Fessler, and Carsen Andreason, Jessica keeps working hard as a senior leader making the entire TEAM better.  Adriana has really come on strong and is a key to our success.  Tyler and Carsen are doing a great job as sophomores and not only make it look good for the future, but also the present. 

    Congrats to our coaches for some great performances at the St. George Marathon.  Coach Wilcox ran 3:23.51 and Coach Busby 3:41.30.  This was a good “tuneup” for the Boston Marathon in April (hopefully).  AND, Stacy Wilcox broke the 4-hour barrier running 3:57.56.  I would say she took the most steps for anyone running under 4-hours.  Great job by the Titan family.  There were others running- I couldn’t find them in the results.

    Jaxon Hansen (19:49) and Brandon Yardley (20:32) ran well for UVU at the Color Country Invitational at SUU.  The course was 6000 meters.  One I missed from last week:  Jake Rossmango finished as TCU’s #4 runner at the Cowboy Jamboree at Oklahoma State.

    You will be excused at 1:30 for Region with the bus leaving at 1:45.  The race schedule will be as follows:
3:00 - Girls JV
3:30 - Boys JV
4:00 - Girls Varsity
4:30 - Boys Varsity
5:15 - Awards in Kenley Amphitheater
     We want EVERYONE there for the awards- no one leaves early.

Oct 10 - Region Championships @ Layton Park - 3:00 pm
Oct 17 - State Championships @ Sugarhouse Park - 2:00/3:30 pm

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Titan XC Update - Sept 30, 2012

    Last week was probably the best week of the season for Titan Cross Country.  The Open Region meet we hosted Wednesday had the most healthy Titans of the year competing.  And the Saturday morning workout was the best of the year.  Hopefully, things are beginning to fall into place for both TEAMS to make a solid showing at the Region Championships.

    All of the Region One schools fielded teams at our only home meet of the year.  However, Davis held out many of their top runners and Weber was saving a little for the Park City meet.  Nevertheless, the Titans ran very well as the Boys finished 2nd and the Girls 3rd.  Davis was first in both races and Weber Girls also finished ahead of the Lady Titans.
    Individually, Sharlie Dimick ran a tough race sharing the lead for much of the 3.0 miles before fading a little to finish 3rd in 20:05.  Bella Williams was right behind placing 5th in 20:14.  Erin Kibler also ran very well finishing in 21:04 to place 14th.  Katrina Dunlap (24th, 22:24) and Maddy Neyts (26th, 22:39) were our other scoring athletes.  Adriana McFarland (27th, 22:39) and Mallory Ashby (28th, 22:45) rounded out the top seven.  Jessica Howes, Katelyn Davidson and Becca Jacobsen also ran tough in the Varsity race.
    In the Boys race, Landon Greenhalgh took the lead early and was never threatened as he finished 1st in 16:35.  That time was only 13-seconds off of the course record held by Austin Costley.  It was great to see Tom Hill (11th, 17:36) and Parker Greenhalgh (12th, 17:37) coming back from injuries to run near the front of the pack.  Cody Kelley (16th, 17:47) and Carson Andreason (29th, 18:26) were our other scoring runners.  Ryan Andreason (32nd, 18:45) and Tyler Fessler (37th, 19:07) rounded out the top seven. 
    In the Girls’ J.V., Lauren Busby ran her best race of the year to place 3rd 24:18.  Jared Seffker was our top placer in the Boys’ J.V. finishing 8th in 19:29.
    Complete results can be found at:
    While there were many outstanding performances in the meet, there were also a few things evident that we need to improve on if we are going to be successful at the Region Championships.  We need better top-five and top-seven splits.  Our current gaps will allow too many competitors between our one and five to give us a “comfort zone” to make it to State.  We will work on that at the Davis Open Region meet Wednesday.

    There were some incredible efforts turned in Saturday morning.  It was perfect running weather and the Titans responded with some very good performances.  I usually don’t highlight workouts, but I think this did more to prepare us for Region and State (hopefully) than any previous workout or race we have had this year.  The workout consisted of 10 x 1 minutes, and 10 x 30-seconds for 15 minutes of total running time.  The top totals in meters covered for the Boys were: Landon Greenhalgh (5550), Tom Hill (5345), Cody Kelley (5305), Parker Greenhalgh (5295) and Cameron Andreason (5190).   Top totals for the Girls were: Bella Williams (4680), Sharlie Dimick (4645), Mallory Ashby (4550), Katrina Dunlap (4545), Erin Kibler (4545) and Maddy Neyts (4540).  Outstanding efforts by some tough Titans.

    Selected as the Athletes of the Week were Katrina Dunlap, Mallory Ashby, Tom Hill and Parker Greenhalgh.  All four have been battling injuries all year and have done whatever possible to re-hab and get into racing shape to help the TEAM.  Having them at full strength at Region will be huge. 

    Hannah Williams had her best race of the year as she was USU’s 4th runner at the Roy Griak Invitational in Minnesota.  She covered the 6000 meter course in 23:24.  Jared Ward led #3-ranked BYU to victory at the Bill Dellinger Invitational in Oregon.  He finished 2nd overall running 23:40 for the 8000 meter course.      

    Our only meet this week will be the Open Region meet hosted by Davis High.  It will be held at Barnes Park in Kaysville.  The park is located at 950 West, 200 North, about ½ mile west of the I-15 Kaysville exit.
    The race schedule will be as follows: 3:45- Boys JV, 4:15- all Girls, 4:45- Varsity Boys (18:30 and under for 3-miles).  This will be our final tuneup for Region.

    We will work out Saturday at Layton Commons Park.  This is an important “final tuneup” for Region.   Our workout will begin at 9:30- we’ll let Davis have the early time. 

    It is important that you return the Foot Locker commitment and permission slip by Tuesday if you plan on going on the trip.  I need to figure out if we have enough Titans committed to go before I reserve a bus, hotel rooms, and let other schools know if we will have spots for them.  I’ve attached the handout in case you lost yours. 

Oct 3 - Open Region @ Davis - 3:45 pm
Oct 10 - Region Championships @ Layton Park - 3:00 pm
Oct 17 - State @ Sugarhouse Park - 2:00 pm

REMINDER: Check out Kevin Hansen’s great pictures at: THANKS, KEVIN!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Titan XC Update - Sept 23, 2012

    to all who support and sacrifice to help the program.  There are many things that sometimes go unnoticed that really help us in pursuing our goals.  Athletes and parents, THANKS!!  Also, I hope you take time to thank some people who do a great job of supporting us.  Kevin Hansen- it’s incredible that he puts in the time he does to take pictures for us.  Driving to SLC to spend most of a Saturday taking pictures of 16 races is quite a sacrifice.  I would dare say we were the only school with an administrator at the meet Saturday.  Mrs. Mudrow drove down to cheer and support Titans in all 16 races.  In fact, all of our other administrators (Mrs. Nelson, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Pendleton) have been at our meets.  Our student body advisors (Mrs. Hess, Mr. Reisbeck and Miss Henson) have also been at the meets.  Make sure you thank them for their support. 

    There were many good things that took place this week for Titan Cross Country.  The quad meet at Layton was a good one in that we had more of our top boys running than in any meet this year.  Injuries have taken a toll on us all year.  Hopefully, we are getting healthy at the right time.  Now it’s just a matter of getting into race shape.  It was a good week for the girls- especially at Wahsatch.  Placing 3rd in this large invitational was a great achievement.  And, it was a good week as so many Titans made changes in homecoming plans to help out the TEAM.  It showed a lot of commitment to the program. 
    Homecoming week highlighted a couple of our athletes.  Katelyn Davidson was up for Homecoming Queen- an obvious error in counting votes prevented her from winning the crown.  Tom Hill demonstrated his talent in playing the guitar and singing the theme song for the week at the Homecoming assembly.  Great job by both to represent Titan XC!!

    Layton hosted the Titans, Weber and Northridge Wednesday afternoon.  Even though the Titans followed the race plan of running a fairly easy first mile, many had some great times over the 2.85 mile course.  In the TEAM race, the Girls finished 2nd and the Boys 3rd.  Sharlie Dimick and Bella Williams finished 6th and 7th to pace the Girls.  Erin Kibler (9th), Katrina Dunlap (11th) and Maddy Neyts (12th) rounded out the scoring.  Adriana McFarland and Becca Jacobsen ran great races to complete the top seven.
    Landon Greenhalgh made up huge ground over the last ½ of the race to capture the victory.  Parker Greenhalgh (11th), Tom Hill (14th), Cody Kelley (15th) and Carson Andreason (22nd) were our scoring runners.  Nathan Seffker and Ryan Andreason rounded out our top seven.
    Complete results can be found at:

    The Titans ran very tough over the hilly 2.95 mile Wahsatch Rendezvous course Saturday.  With some gutsy running by all seven runners, the Girls Varsity brought home the 3rd place trophy.  To show how important each runner was, if two of our runners would have lost one spot from where they placed, we would have finished 4th.  If two would have lost two spots, we would have finished 7th.  All seven runners were important to our TEAM finish.  Bella Williams, Erin Kibler, Katrina Dunlap, Maddy Neyts, Mallory Ashby and Adriana McFarland probably had their best or near best races of the year.  While Katelyn Davidson’s was not her best, it may have been her best effort.  She was running with a broken arm suffered Monday.  What a gutsy performance!!  Not surprising.  Jessica Howes had a great race to finish as our top JV runner.
    The Boys also ran well to finish 5th.  Landon and Parker Greenhalgh, Cody Kelley, Carson and Ryan Andreason, Tom Hill and Nathan Seffker ran very well in securing the high finish.  They were only five points out of the 3rd-place trophy.  Tyler Fessler, Jeff Reed, Cameron Dower and Jared Dower were our top JV runners.
    Complete results can be found at:

    Selected as the Athletes of the Week were Bella Williams, Becca Jacobsen, Landon Greenhalgh and Nick Merriman.  Bella and Landon have been at or near the front of all of our races this year.  Becca and Nick have worked extremely hard and have dedicated themselves to become the best runners possible.     

    No collegiate action this week.   

    We will host all six region schools Wednesday.  Races will begin at 3:45.  I’m still working out the details of how to conduct the meet.
    In evaluating where we are at this stage of the season, and what we need to do to make it to State, the coaches have decided that we need training more than another invitational.  Therefore, we will not be going to the Park City or Orem meets.  We will have our most important workout leading up to the Region Championships Saturday morning.  It is very important that you arrange your schedule so you can be there.

Sept 26 - Open Region @ Syracuse - 3:45
Oct 3 - Open Region @ Davis - 3:45
Oct 10 - Region Championships @ Layton Park - TBA
Oct 17 - State @ Sugarhouse Park - TBA

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Titan XC Update - Sept 16, 2012

    Thanks to everyone who made it to the Parent/Athlete night.  It was great to hear the experiences of three-time All-American Kurt Black.  His ideas on how to prepare for races, and life, were things we can all put to use to help us pursue our goals.  Nylin Johnson showed what a great asset Mountain Land Physical Therapy can be to all our runners.  And Coaches Busby and Wilcox had some great words of advice.  They are more important to the program than can be explained.  It was 90 minutes well-spent.

    So far this year our TEAM results have not been what we had expected, especially on the Boys side.  This is due to injuries, illnesses, and in some cases, lack of commitment.  With only three weeks until Region, it is very important that we do everything possible to get the entire TEAM as healthy and fit as possible by October 10th.  That means no more missed workouts and following proper training principles.  Proper nutrition and hydration, adequate sleep, and taking care of potential injuries becomes even more important now.  Don’t let yourself or the TEAM down!!!

    The TEAM results may not have been was we would have liked, but there were many very good individual efforts.  Katelyn Davidson (2:46), Mallory Ashby (2:13), Jareck Nelson (1:56) and Nick Merriman (1:45) had huge improvements over their times from 2011 over the same course.  In the Boys Varsity, Landon Greenhalgh was our top finisher while Cameron Dower was our first placer in the JV race.  Bella Williams and Sharlie Dimick finished together as our top placers in Girls Varsity.  Lindsey Bailey was our top finisher in the Girls JV.
    Complete results can be found at:

    As has been the case most of the year, our TEAM places were hampered by injuries and illnesses.  However, there were many outstanding individual performances in each of the five races in which Titans were entered.  The times over the 3.0 mile course could most accurately be compared to the Murray Invitational adjusted times. 
    Sharlie Dimick had her best race of the year finishing 8th in 20:16, a 52-second improvement over Murray.   Erin Kibler ran 21:32 to finish 2nd in the JV race.  She was running JV because she still pretty sick after a DNF at the Davis County meet.  Maddy Neyts, Katrina Dunlap, Katelyn Davidson, Adriana McFarland, Mallory Ashby and Becca Jacobsen all had improvements around 1-minute over their Murray times.
    Landon Greenhalgh was again our top placer in the Boys race as he finished 13th overall.  Nate Seffker, Ryan Andreason, Brandon Read, Tyler Fessler, Cameron Dower, Loren Burrell, Thaddeus Bean, Brayden Burrell, Jareck Nelson, Zach Griffin, Sean Marchant and Gavin Dowdy all had big improvements over their Murray performances.
    Complete results can be found at:

    Selected as the Athletes of the Week were Katelyn Davidson and Cameron Dower.  Both have continued working hard and have been making continued progress.  And they have provided some quality senior leadership.   

    Jake Rossmango ran 21:02 over four miles to place 7th overall at the Ken Garland Invitational in Denton Texas.  He was only a couple seconds from 5th.  Hannah Williams placed 35th at the Montana State Invitational running 19:37 over the tough 5k course.  There were over 100 runners in the race.  At the BYU Autumn Classic, Jaxon Hansen (22:33) and Brandon Yardley (24:14) ran well for UVU.  Our adopted Titan, Jared Ward, won the race in 20:02.  The course was 4.0 miles long.    

    We will be running at Layton Park Wednesday for an Open Region meet.  We will decide Monday if we will run at the Wahsatch Rendezvous.  We may have an alternative “homecoming” race Saturday morning.

Sept 19 - Open Region @ Layton - 3:45
Sept 22 - *Wahsatch Rendezvous @ Cottonwood Complex
Sept 26 - Open Region @ Syracuse - 3:45
Sept 28 - Orem or Park City Inv.
Oct 3 - Open Region @ Davis - 3:45
Oct 10 - Region @ Layton Park - TBA
Oct 17 - State @ Sugarhouse Park - TBA
Our complete schedule is posted at: 
Check out Kevin Hansen’s great pictures at:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Titan XC Update - Sept 9, 2012

    The Girls finished 2nd and the Boys 3rd at the Pre-Region meet held at Layton City Park Wednesday.  The races were run over the 2.0 mile course used for the last several years.
    Sharlie Dimick, Isabella Williams, Erin Kibler, Katrina Dunlap and Maddy Neyts were the top finishers in the Ladies race.  Their 52-second split was the best we have had in a long time.  The top-five finishers for the Boys were Landon Greenhalgh, Jeff Reed, Nathan Seffker, Brandon Reed and Tyler Fessler. 
    Complete results can be found at:

    Over 45 schools and 2000 athletes competed at the Murray Invitational Friday.  Each of the six races was kind of an organized 5000 meter stampede.  Fortunately, all Titans managed to survive.
    Our Rookie Boys turned in our highest finish as they placed 6th.  Carson Andreason (15th, 18:42), Brandon Reed (33rd, 19:24), Ryan Andreason (50th, 19:57), Tanner Robb (69th, 20:31) and Caleb Saunders (72nd, 20:33) were our scoring athletes.  The J.V. Boys placed 20th in the team race.  They were led by Nathan Seffker (74th, 19:21) and Jeff Reed (80th, 19:25.  Because of injuries and illnesses, Landon Greenhalgh was our only entrant in the Varsity race.  He ran tough even though he was tightening up most of the race, to finish 51st in 17:02.
    Adriana McFarland (81st, 23:55) and Becca Jacobsen (116th, 24:56) led the J.V. Girls to a 15th place finish.  The Girls Varsity overcame a poor start to place 18th.  Sharlie Dimick (75th, 21:08), Isabella Williams (77th, 21:10), Erin Kibler (106th, 21:42), Maddy Neyts (156th, 22:40) and Katrina Dunlap (23:09) were the scoring athletes.  Katelyn Davidson (184th, 23:36) and Mallory Ashby (193rd, 23:55) also ran very well in the Varsity race.  Complete results of all races can be found at:
    Overall, it was a good performance by the Titans and a valuable experience in learning how to run in large races.  This will pay off in the big races at the end of the season.

    Selected as the Athletes of the Week were Erin Kibler and Jeff Reed.  Both had very good races this week, probably the result of their very good summer preparation.

    We will be back at Layton Commons Park Wednesday for the Davis County Championships.  The race will be run over a 2.75 mile course.  The meet will feature a parent/coach/supporters race.  Anyone can run the same course as the high school athletes.  The schedule will be as follows:
      3:30 pm - Junior Varsity Girls
      3:55 pm - Junior Varsity Boys
      4:20 pm - Varsity Girls
      4:45 pm - Varsity Boys
      5:10 pm - Alumni/Parent/Sibling/Friends of XC
      5:30 pm - Awards Ceremony at the Finish Line area

    We will travel to Roy High Friday for the 1st Royal Challenge Invitational.  I don’t know how many teams will be there, length of course, etc.  Not much information so far.  The race schedule is as follows:
    4:00 pm - Rookie Girls
    4:15 pm - Rookie Boys
    4:30 pm - JV Girls
    4:45 pm - JV Boys
    5:00 pm - Varsity Girls
    5:15 pm - Varsity Boys
    Our Parent/Athlete night will be held Thursday, September 13th at 6:30 pm.  It will be held in the Chorale Room.  We want ALL parents and athletes to attend

    I missed Jaxon Hansen’s and Brandon Yardley’s collegiate debuts from the USU meet last week.  Jaxon ran 21:26 and Brandon 21:39 over the 4.0 mile course.  Good start for what will be a couple of great collegiate careers.  No former Titans were in action this weekend.

Sept 12 - Davis District Championships @ Layton Park
Sept 13 - Parent / Athlete Night - 6:30
Sept 14 - Royal Invitational @ Roy High - 4:00
Sept 19 - Open Region @ Layton - 3:45

Check out Kevin Hansen’s great pictures at: